Friday, July 15, 2005

Just hurry up and die with a full bank account. The Party needs your inheritance taxes.

You might be sick -- but you're not half as sick as George Smitherman.

Health Minister George Smitherman says he disapproves of the "pocketbook" medicine advocated by a new Toronto clinic offering to provide cancer drugs not covered by the public system.

"What we are not interested in is pocketbook medicine where those people with a broader pocketbook are able to achieve more access," he told reporters yesterday.
Even peasants under a king would recognize that the royal We is in fact singular, referring to the interests of the king or royal family alone. WE is one of the illusions promoted by the democratic faith, allowing vultures like Smitherman to get away with using the first person plural and have his victims imagine that they are included in the "we" because they get to cast a vote when it benefits the Party for them to do so. "We" in this case consists of Slitherman's constituency of unions who profit handily from suffering and death by running a purposely expensive and unworkable medical monopoly with which it is illegal to compete.
Smitherman was reacting to a report that a private Toronto clinic, named Provis, is set to open next month and intends to offer at least a half-dozen new cancer treatments not funded through OHIP...

"We are not interested in the development of a health-care system in Ontario where people are being asked to pay out of their own pocket to be able to access publicly funded services," Smitherman said.
...because billions of dollars and a lot of phony baloney jobs are at stake.

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Pietr said...

Tricksters have only one technique:they slip their own meaning (of word or action)in under cover of the affirmed meaning.
So,'free' healthcare becomes 'government controlled' healthcare and so on.
Why not pay for people to use privately owned facilities?
The old story.