Saturday, July 16, 2005

It won't stop until the government is your ISP provider

Take note bloggers and website publishers. Remember the publication ban during the Gomery inquiry? Why stop with file sharers and torrent sites? A sequence of typed characters is now subject to Federal approval in Australia:

Stephen Cooper, operator of a Web site called, was found guilty of copyright infringement by Federal Court Justice Brian Tamberlin.

Although Cooper didn't host pirated recordings per se, the court found he breached the law by creating hyperlinks to sites that had infringing sound recordings.

This is the first such judgement against hyperlinking in Australia.

Tamberlin found against all other respondents in the case, namely ISP Comcen, its employee Chris Takoushis, Comcen's parent company E-Talk Communications, and its director Liam Bal.
Universal Music, Sony, Warner and EMI are hastening their own demise, unless of course, they donate to and work with the Party.