Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Heil! Heil!

Equality will not be achieved until rations are in place.

From Saturday's National Post:

Soda drinks are "liquid candy" for children who often guzzle up to three pops a day, according to the U.S. Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is urging cigarette-style health warnings on cans. The group warns that while adults seemed to be turning to diet soda drinks, children are drinking more full-bore soda than before. "What was once a rare treat in a small serving is now served up morning, noon and night," says Michael Jacobson, CSPI's executive director. The group cites research based on government data showing that teenage boys who drink soft drinks consume an average of three 12-ounce cans per day while girls drink more than two cans. Teenages who drink the soft drinks get nearly 15% of their total calories from the drinks, says the centre. Agence France-Presse


Pietr said...

Ye can't eat yer pudd'n if ye don't eat yer meat!
HOW can ye have any pudd'n if ye don't eat yer meat?

David said...

Eh, I’m not surprised. I drank pop (or soda) all the time when I was in high school and in college. Coke Classic whenever I could get it. Usually a 20oz to start the day, and another for lunch. There was a bill in the Michigan legislature to get pop banned from public schools. I’m not sure how it is doing or even if it is in this session of the legislature.

MapMaster said...

"Full-bore soda?" Man, where can I get a hit of this stuff?