Saturday, July 30, 2005

Free Marc Emery. Yankee go hell.

Gotta go to a barbecue right now. More later.

Much love to Marc.


Honey Pot said...

How can you enjoy yourself at a BBQ while Marc rots away in a US prison? I for one am going on a hunger strike and will no longer eat in another capitalist pig joint as long as I live.

Lisa said...

Honey Pot:

I don't understand your use of the term capitalist here. The reason Marc is suffering unjustly is because of the statists. Marc was engaged in capitalistic enterprise: he ran a very successful business that people willingly supported. He was busted because of crooked and evil laws prohibting people from enjoying a plant.

Honey Pot said...

You mean the US of A are not capitialist pigs? They are the one's who arrested sweet Marc aren't they? The land of milk and honey people? Oh my Gawd.... I am all confugaled now. Someone tell me quick who I am suppose to kick in the balls.

gm said...

A confused mind is a terrible thing to read.

Pot should be treated as a capitalist entity! Then it would be legal and no one would go to jail!


Mike said...

Marc Emery is a bodhisattva of capitalism.

But I think someone's trying to pull my leg.

CharLeBois said...

This is ridiculous. Marc Emery should be tossed away for a long time. America has every right to arrest him seeing as how he broke that country's laws while in their jurisdiction. John Ibbitson in the Globe today said it best: if someone in the US was mailing handguns to Jamaican gangs in TO you'd all be calling for his head.

Pietr said...

Good point.
Being shot by a Jamaican is nowhere near as bad as being hit over the head with a large Poppy seed.
Anyway,the Canadians already have more guns per capita than the US,so all the Jamaicans need to do is hold up a gun store or commit a little burglary.
Or aren't they criminals then?
So it's just Jamaicans who shouldn't have guns?

Mike said...

Charles, my sensei used to make a similar argument about the "Underground Railroad" that used to be used to smuggle stolen property from America into Canada, in contravention of the law and morality.

He would hold that this was yet one more shameful example of Canadian disregard for property rights and the sovereignty of other nations. Would we have wanted horse thieves to just ride up here across the border? Would we build museums dedicated to people smuggling in fissionable uranium stolen from military research facilities, and then use them to teach our children that this was a good episode in our nation's history?

Of course, the law has changed now, and with it, morality. At this moment, slavery is illegal and therefore immoral. A more appropriate modern example is the disregard for the law shown by social conservatives in their continual mockery and open disbelief in gay marriage.

Not content to break Chinese and North Korean law by sending contraband bibles where they are expressly forbidden by law, these Christ-crazed criminals now want to break our OWN laws by encouraging civil disobedience of the human rights that are enshrined in our legal code.

I know that once people start getting charged for their obeying the dictates of their illegal consciences, Canadian conservatives will join with the law-abiding in demanding for the maximum penalty. We do not give Muslim terrorists convicted of murder any leniency just because their book says it is OK to kill infidels, and we must not give Christians leniency just because their book says marriage is between a man and a woman.

Lisa said...


It does not follow that because something is illegal it is unlawful, meaning just because the government says it is wrong it doesn't necessarily make it so.

Sorehead puts it well:

"Being shot by a Jamaican is nowhere near as bad as being hit over the head with a large Poppy seed."

Marc Emery sold seeds to people who willingly paid him for the product. These seeds are not dangerous, the plant they eventually grow into is not dangerous, and the individual who chooses to indulge in the pleasures of the plant is not dangerous.

Sure, people overindulge. But how would we feel about a hamburger or potato chip activist providing people with stuff their government unjustly denied them? Off to an American prison for them as they sold to the people unfortunate enough to live within such borders.

And I am NOT American bashing here, although I do think their drug laws are shameful and horrendous.

See here

Ex-Londoner said...

For those who don't have a position on the pot prohibition, the pertinent issue here is the fact that the Canadian legal system should deal with Marc Emery here if they really believe he's done something wrong.
My fantasy...the federal government gets so pissed off over the software lumber dispute that they block the Emery extradition. A great way to make a point without starting a trade war.