Saturday, July 9, 2005

Free Alberta


We must now face the fact that the old Canada is gone forever and the new Canada is disgusting.
HT Neale.
As for me folks, when they go, if they go, I'm on the first flight to Calgary.
I call window seat!


Pietr said...

I'm beginning to get the picture about liberal Canada.

darcey said...

I got room but you have to drink with me almost everyday! I can be hard on a soul

Publius said...

Only if you let me play Frank and Miles.

Meaghan Champion said...

Wow... is that the same Link Byfield that still owes Kevin Michael Grace $14,000 and just basically disolved the Report Magazine so as to avoid having to pay up?

Pretty funny to hear somebody rant about the "corruption" of the Liberals when they have no problem taking part in personally ripping off their friends.

Meaghan Champion said...

Here's one of the articles on it...

Bankruptcy is *not* a libertarian concept.