Sunday, July 3, 2005

Did you know…

…that acronyms are an important feature of modern media communication techniques, utilizing the well-known correlation between glazing of eyes and compliance? Or that, one day in the future, you won't have to make any decisions about your behaviour at all? Plans are already underway to provide citizens with, not hundreds, but thousands of cable and satellite channels to prevent them from driving spikes through their heads.

Motorists [in the U.K.] face having their cars fitted with a “spy” device that stops speeding. The satellite-based system will monitor the speed limit and apply the brakes or cut out the accelerator if the driver tries to exceed it. A government-funded trial has concluded that the scheme promotes safer driving. Drivers in London could be among the first to have the “speed spy” devices fitted.

[…] The move follows a six-month trial in Leeds using 20 modified Skoda Fabias, which found that volunteer drivers paid more attention as well keeping to the speed limit. More than 1,000 lives a year could be saved if the system was fitted to all Britain’s cars, say academics at Leeds University, who ran the trial on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT).

It is part of a two-year research project into “intelligent speed adaptation” (ISA), which the department is funding at a cost of £2m. Results of the initial trial will be presented to ministers this week.
The Sunday Times, via SDA
Bloody DfT-LU ISA academics…


Lisa said...

Deep throating the CBC baby - within the proscribed speed limit of course.

Pietr said...

It would have to be Skodas, of course.
Skoda drivers are the only people stupid enough to put up with this.
And they would be the only drivers incompetent enough to need this help.
Fortunately, I drive an old car with a big engine.

MapMaster said...

Leeds University academics somehow failed to notice that Skoda drivers actually pay more attention to the speed limit when their ability to respond to it is officially curtailed. That's the problem with these academic researchers — they don't know what to find without an explicit directive from their DtF masters. An opportunity lost to recommend that all Britain's cars be modified into Skodas… although another six-month trial should fix that.

Kyla said...

Ontario is about to do something just as stupid. The "smart meters" for electricity will cost way over $100.00 each to install. Then they will be used to charge homeowners more money per kilowatt hour during the time when businesses are sucking up all the power. Businesses will not be charged more because they won't have the meters.

Supposed to encourage everyday folk to do their laundry and dishes at night. Guess what? Most folks are at work during the day - and can't be home using excess power.

How 'bout we get businesses to turn off every other light like they did when the blackout was just over? I enjoyed not having my retinas burnt out while shopping.

Or encourage replacement of all regular incandescent bulbs with the energy saving compact fluorescents - with no GST & PST charged on buying the replacements?

MapMaster said...

I'd prefer not to have any targeted solutions at all. Energy problems are the result of interference with the free market in the first place to provide solutions to Ontarians — most new top-down solutions will only create new problems. That said, dictated smart meters are a stupid idea — they give the appearance of doing something while just soaking the average homeowner. Hmmmm.... where have I heard that before?