Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Caranci's pre-election campaign picks up speed

For those of you who have lost hope and faith in London long ago, I've nothing to say that will change your minds. Indeed, the unofficial rule here at The London Fog is that if you don't have something bad to report when discussing London, then don't bother posting at all - of course, this comes quite naturally, as typically there really is nothing good to say about London, especially about council and city staff and of course, the future ration distribution centre, more commonly known as the JLC.

Last Friday I posted on the controversial Trafalgar Street overpass. Although the project is dependent on funding not yet promised, and not likely to come, the first phase was started despite the fact that 4 million taxpayer dollars could be lost. Today the London Free Press reports that council has approved the continuation of the first phase, but it is not clear when construction will begin. Phase one, which entails property acquisition and design, might not be followed by phase two, and so Londoners can look forward to a weed ridden, empty lot.

City council approved last night completion of the first phase but raised concern about lack of funding commitments from Ontario, Ottawa and Canadian National.

Several council members, including Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell, appeared set to oppose using new gas tax money.

"I'm very disappointed with CN," Gosnell said, when staff said the company will commit only $2 million "at this time."

"CN has as much or more to gain from this overpass as the citizens of London."

Coun. Susan Eagle said the overpass shouldn't "jump the queue" over other infrastructure priorities "just because we jumped the gun without all our ducks in a row."
Actually, as far as I can tell, neither the citizens of London, nor CN, has anything to gain from this abysmal waste of undeserved money. Susan Eagle clearly doesn't - she would rather see the citizens line up in orderly fashion in front of their public housing units.

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steph said...

lisa...city council isnt overly concerned about the potential loss of 4 million dollars in tax payers money...council apparently believes that money grows on trees, considering how much they waste within this building alone...

not happy with how your office looks? let's re-do it, who cares that we just did it last year...

...thats the mindset of these people...unfortunately most londoners dont care enough to notice the horrible job that this municipality does, considering we've re-elected anne-marie three times...but hey if it makes you feel any better, council took their time in making their decisions last night, staying here until 12am...good thing for the free meal on their break or they wouldnt have been able to keep going, and "work"