Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Anne Marie is crying

Mayor DeCicco cries as over $100,000 of someone else's money is flushed down the toliet. I hope she at least purchased her own tissues. Why the tears dear Anne Marie? Are you thinking of the children or are you thinking of lost opportunities and your upcoming election campaign:

Tears rolled down London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco's face yesterday as Montrealers standing just metres away whooped with joy over the Shriners decision to stay in Montreal.

[..] "People that didn't know what we had to offer, the kind of health care and research, all of a sudden know about London, Ontario," she said as she struggled for composure.

[..] "As much as we may have not gotten the decision today, there are going to be great things on the horizon for London in different ways in health care," DeCicco said.
That's quite an empty assertion, considering the lack of family doctors and emergency wards in this city.
Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman, in Baltimore, called the result "disappointing" after the province worked with Shriners on the project for about five years.

"I don't think you saw the government of Ontario involved in a political tussle," said Smitherman, who had said Montrealers unfairly portrayed London as an "unsophisticated backwater" that couldn't attract top doctors.

[..] Dagnone said the cost of the London bid in Baltimore was $100,000, but the actual figure will be higher when other travel costs are added.

The expense is being shared between the Mocha Temple, City of London and LHSC, he said.
Update: Tony Ding Dong Dagnone vows to appeal the decision, although he has no basis for appeal.
"I just cannot see the Shriners . . . putting a $100-million investment on a site that is well-known to be contaminated," he said, referring to a criticism the Montreal committee has strongly denied.

"To clean that up would cost millions of dollars and it's going to take . . . years."

Though Dagnone, who flew back from Baltimore with Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco yesterday, knew of no possible appeals process, he stressed he hasn't given up hope.