Friday, June 3, 2005

Won't anyone listen to Anne Marie?

The pimping of the Liberal-NDP budget by Anne Marie DeCicco and other mayors across the country demonstrates everything that is wrong with the complex redistribution of tax money between jurisdictions and the resulting confusion of responsibilities. DeCicco hypocritically trivializes objections to spending tax money as "partisan" interests at the same time campaigning for a politically motivated budget. Can there be no principles involved? Not when your city council has proved its incredible irresponsibility by budgeting revenue that has not yet been approved. Apparently nobody on council understands what a minority government is. From the London Free Press:

Canada's largest cities, including London, are demanding [italics, mine] political leaders approve the federal budget before their summer break to get gas-tax dollars flowing.

If not, many cities will be in financial trouble, warns Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco. "Many municipalities (including London) have already built that money into their budgets and face serious consequences," DeCicco said yesterday from St. John's, Nfld.

"We're asking all party leaders to set aside their partisan interests and get it passed before the summer."
DeCicco took time from her taxpayer-paid vacation to the Federation of Municipalities conference to throw back her head and scream in existential angst at the inseparable gulf between mayors and the world:
"IS ANYONE LISTENING? Well, we'll know when they start moving forward on this."
I'll start listening when the mayor starts reasoning on at least a high school level and learns to drop the culture-of-entitlement hysterics. From the London Free Press, April 25:
London and other cities stand to lose millions in federal gas-tax revenue if Paul Martin's minority Liberals are brought down before they can pass their first budget. In London, that could cost taxpayers $4 million the city is already banking on from the feds in this year's city budget.

[…] "Everything — it's all at stake," Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco fumed on the weekend […]. "If they do not pass the budget, we get nothing — no gas tax — and we've budgeted $3 million of it this year," said DeCicco. "You just can't find money like that easily. This is like the worst of all things that could have happened."
How did this woman get elected? This is, like, the worst! Omigod, I, like, just hate the Conservatives! Found money? What a typically Liberal misrepresentation. Just to let DeCicco know, the city of London did not win a lottery or discover gold — that money came from taxpayers from all across Canada, including London. In return, Londoners are taxed to provide so-called found money for all the other mayors pleading for federal revenue to make themselves look better in exchange for "partisan" promotion.

This is where we live…

But the political bribery for DeCicco's "non-partisan" campaigning doesn't stop at the gas-tax money. From the London Free Press:
London Transit will get up to $8.8 million over two years in unexpected federal money to upgrade its operation. The money was part of the nearly $5-billion deal brokered by the New Democrats to prop up the minority Liberal government as its first budget went to a key vote last month.
DeCicco of course with her always astonishingly insightful political analysis screamed with delight:
"This is incredible because we weren't expecting this money and every year we're seeing increases in transit use, so this will help us."

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Pietr said...

The 'Partisan' adjective is supposed to imply that the thieves are not partisan;this is the old lunacy about 'disinterested', 'public' servants,given one more miserable outing in an absurd attempt to imply whiter than whiteness;obviously the statement is aspirational,in an attempt to appear inspirational.