Monday, June 20, 2005

UWO Convocation 2005

Veritas et utilitasTM — Truth and usefulness

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Graduating students come and go, but academic activism and interventionist elitism will always live on in the administration and faculty of the University of Western Ontario. So much of the hue and cry centered on UWO's decision to give Henry Morgentaler distinction with a funny hat and an ill-used academic pulpit, for all that's worth anymore, that the other invitees for the redefinition of academic achievement went mostly unnoticed. That's probably a beneficial state of affairs usually — let sleeping leftists and statists lie or at least ignore their yippings as best you can. But I enjoyed the works of these anti-revisionists so much, I thought I'd put them up here for somebody's enjoyment.

The Eclectic Econoclast on Maude Barlow:

This morning's guest speaker was Maude Barlow, a conflicted yet sincere person who has no realistic idea about the concept of scarcity but knows it shouldn't exist.
And Publius on Marc Lalonde:
Just to refresh older minds, and inform the younger ones, Monsieur Lalonde's bit of economic "planning" nearly destroyed the economy of Alberta and drove many young Albertans to the far corners of the earth in search of work. If you wonder why Liberals are not liked in Alberta the NEP is one of the more recent logs on the fire we call inter-provincial relations.

[…] Trudeau, and Lalonde, had expected to reap easy money from high oil prices through both taxation and Petro-Canada profits. Enough to check the ever expanding deficit. With the collapse of oil prices in 1981-1982 that plan, like so many other Trudeaupian schemes, ended.
Well done, gentlemen. Now let's go back to repressing any awareness of these peoples' existence — it's so much healthier in the summertime.


TonyGuitar said...

OK, we agree on what we are disgusted with. What are we doing about it?

Swifter minds than mine would know what group to appeal to in Ottawa, to suggest they march, demonstrate and gain us some Media copy at least.

Yes, we all realize we fund this fraud and this illegitimate government.

WE have to agree how to overthrow this garbage. It will take Picket lines, slogans and peaceful protest.

It will take well written handbills listing major Libscammer offences like a variety of scandals, Adscam, 146 million in missing DND computers, Fraudulent vote buying. Authenticated Grewal recordings.

Picket lines were common against Morganthaller, for and against SSM.

When is too soon for picket lines against the frauds of Libscammers?

Marching on the hill and in front of Gov. General Clarkson's mansion with placards reading *Dissolve Now* *Do sworn Duty*, *Election Now*, *Out with the Bums*. Media attention is required now!

They are marching in Halifax for animal rights.

Adscam is more pressing! Yes?

Who is the most likely group to contact and walk with pickets?
73s TonyGuitar

Publius said...

These people work in the dark Mapmaster. They're like rodents, when the righteous light shines down upon them they scurry away. Remember what happened to Ward "Little Eichmans" Churchill. His career is finished thanks to public attention. Light is the great disinfectant of civilization.

P.S. Wasn't there a Dean Martin movie called Tony Guitar. Just wondering.

MapMaster said...

Tony Guitar:

I'm as clueless as the next person what we can do about this mess. Demonstrations may get media copy, but they're not usually the sort that the demonstrators actually want. I would suggest that the old truism is valid — the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, not media tricks. Just what you and I and Publius and many others are doing already — writing and speaking to others and gradually changes their minds. It works surprisingly often in my experience, just as someone did the same for me a few years back, and the accumulated opening of eyes may count for more in the long run than playing a what may be a losing game with the media or relying on top-down philosophical change from elected representatives (not that the latter is a hopeless cause). At least that's my own excitable opinion.


Bringing me down to earth again, as usual. My own desire to be lazy exerts a powerful suggestion on me. You are quite correct, again as usual. I still owe you that email, I haven't forgotten, just been too lazy.