Thursday, June 9, 2005

Two billion dollars later

Just overheard in Scum Alley, out my back window not three blocks from the JLC, a young white male voice in the full and confident tones of the publicly schooled:

"I got the gun right here... this piece is fuckin wicked, check it out..." "Wicked!"
The two were moving fast up the alley, and were gone before I could spot them.

Welcome to Gundon.

If only we had some kind of registry to prevent guns from falling into the hands of criminals... oh, wait a minute.

On a completely unrelated note, enjoy your $8 billion dollar "child care program", suckas.

Hope it works out for you and your all-important career. Should make it easier to climb that ladder without having to waste time raising your kids.


basil said...

Got this gun in my pants - nice long barrel fully loaded and I'm looking for some action - but due to excessive taxation I ain't got no money with which to by tickets to the JLC and impress the bitches. So, you know, I been thinking of jizzing in a test tube just to make sure some woman somewhere raises my seed and I get my tax dollars worth through the glorious daycare plan - I certainly don't want to be bothered raising a child myself, and child support is a messy arrangement.

Thanks Kenny, sorry about all the pucks to your head.

Pietr said...

Of course everything is much more subtle here in Englund.
I have to rely on the kindness of strangers to protect my family,and you don't catch these people talking about their 'new steel toe-cap boots',let alone guns.
Ah,Summer.The crunching of willow on skull.The gentle applause as someones kneecaps are kicked to shit,while 'Seeds Of Love' is played loudly on a PA.
What would my mother think?