Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Susan Eagle on Excess Baggage

Well, the dumpsters of private businesses and the lawns of frugal Londoners will soon be filling up with more garbage. Although it takes council many meetings and visits to the cafeteria to make up their minds on any issue, they have voted in favour of a four bag limit on garbage. There will be many more plates of "chicken cordon bleu, vegetables in a phyllo pastry, fish served on a red pepper sauce with coconut shrimp, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetable, bread, salad and a wide assortment of drinks and deserts" in council's future however, as they try to work out the details of such a scheme.

City council last night approved a staff recommendation to establish a limit on the number of bags that will be picked up free.

Beginning in January, residents will be limited to four bags in an effort to encourage more recycling and extend the life of the landfill.

[..] Details of how the four 60-pound bag limit will be enforced and what people will do with excess trash are still being developed.
Of course the price of trash removal should depend on the amount of trash a person is disposing of, which is precisely why the city should get out of the business of goods and services. City run business necessarily results in some people paying more for less.

I must admit I was rather surprised to read that poverty champion Susan Eagle was upset with the bag limit:
Coun. Susan Eagle lost a bid to reduce the bag limit to three. "This might only increase their expectations to put out more garbage," Eagle said.

"It seems to me this is far too cautious. I'd rather see three bags or less. We're going to be taking too long to get people to seriously consider recycling."
How will the poor be able to afford those garbage tags? But I imagine Eagle has thought of that and will suggest poor people be given a garbage subsidy. In addition, the housing projects will have large dumpsters and so residents will be exempt from the bag limit.


Pietr said...

Buy loads of microwave meals.The garbage they produce is far less than 60 pounds every two months.

Of course,then you'd be in trouble with the Dietary Police.

Angry Londoner said...

While I do not disagree with the idea of trying to promote recycling what about familes of 8 ? I live in a household of 4 and for us to meet the 4 bag limit will be difficult. What about people with families larger than 4? You are going to make them stock pile garbage? I think that everyone in the city should dump there excess garbage on City Halls lawn. Then maybe they would think to consult the citizens of the city before taking action.