Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stealing your piggy bank, with a smile and a handshake

What do you do if you are a politician and no one trusts you? Well, Canadians don't respond well to sound arguments and reason and they don't mind being ripped off so long as there's lots of smiling and babying kissing going on. You may want to consider a haircut besides Mr. Harper. Politician hair is as ridiculous as hockey hair.
The federal Conservative leader will criss-cross the country this summer to bolster his image and counter complaints from some Tories about a recent dramatic decline in party popularity.

Harper says his image problem is peculiar to Ottawa, but still, he concedes he's not having enough fun in his job.

"My wife said to me recently: 'You do need to have more fun.' She said: 'You're not having enough fun even by your standards.' So we'll do some of that," Harper said after his party's weekly caucus meeting Wednesday.

[..] MacKay says Harper is smart, honest, hard working and funny, and he needs to show that to voters.

"I think we have to show a sunny disposition and show to Canadians that we're competent, we're professional, we're disciplined and we're ready to govern," he said.

"That takes some doing, and it takes some time."

To that end, the Tory leader will be hitting the barbecue circuit like never before, glad-handing his way from one event to another.
Yeah, he just needs to fatten up a bit and people will like him more. And don't forget to promise the electorate lots of free stuff.

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