Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Short on detail, long on suggestion

With the heat and humidity oppressing us, it's nice to get a pass from the connecting city council hooks and London Free Press grommets. If that's what it takes, bring on global warming — no new rip-the-heart-out-of-the-welfare-mother-and-put-it-on-display sob stories, equal-poverty-opportunity socialist extra-jurisdimensional redistribution schemes, or layaway pharaonic-ego capital projects in chambers or the news today. In fact, the only thing that's going on in the London Get-What-You-Pay-For Press is this little tidbit about the city's only free market councillor:

London city council is expected to order an audit of Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen's election campaign spending today.

[… Former city councillor Ed] Corrigan, who lost his Ward 7 seat to Van Meerbergen in the November 2003 election, alleges Van Meerbergen didn't file all expenses, whether donated or paid for, and exceeded election spending limits.

[…] Corrigan's complaint is focused on Van Meerbergen's expenses related to signs and media advertising.

As well, Corrigan says a letter sent by then-London West MPP Bob Wood to voters in support of Van Meerbergen should have been claimed as an expense.
I might have construed that letter as being one of Bob Wood's expenses, not having made my usual rounds of the Bureau of Regulated Human Judgment Revision. Having been set straight, however, by the registered-and-stamped free speech crowd, I hereby pledge the London Fog to promote Ed Corrigan's next campaign with letters, posts, flyers, radio ads and as many tawdry amusements whose sarcasm may be perceived but not proved as we can think of. With any luck, we can use up his whole budget.

Let's see… the next election is only a little over a year away, so it's time to do some rough work on the campaign. It's a little coarse at this time, but hobnobbing with world leaders ought to be worth a few votes…

Ed, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea honours the illustrious immigration law and human rights industrial planning of you and your glorious ancestors at the University of Windsor! The DPRK stands foremost among nations in the plentiful and fruitful manufacture of progress toward these heavenly temples of social activist virtues! At least, we haven't had any complaints.

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