Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rights reduced to laws

In Canada, rights are defined by legislation. A new right has been invented today with the passing of the same-sex marriage bill, at the expense of the rights and freedoms of others. The human rights tribunal is now hiring.

"(This) is about the Charter of Rights,'' Prime Minister Paul Martin said earlier Tuesday.

"We are a nation of minorities. And in a nation of minorities, it is important that you don't cherry-pick rights.

"A right is a right and that is what this vote tonight is all about."

[..] Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler said Harper is going to have to come clean and acknowledge that he would have to invoke the Constitution's notwithstanding clause to override the new law.

"They're going to have to acknowledge that they want to override the (Charter of Rights); override constitutional-law decisions in nine jurisdictions in this country; override a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court of Canada; override the rule of law in this country," Cotler said.

[..] "It's an historic moment, it's about equality for gays and lesbians," said NDP MP Libby Davies.


Mike said...

I demand the rights of all triangles to be recognized as perfectly good quadrilaterals, and to be given the same recognition already granted to squares and parallelograms in our nation's textbooks and engineering schools.

Pietr said...

I demand that vibrational analysis checks on gay genitalia be suspended.
Then it can be S&M analysis.
By the way,how the hell do you load a picture into the personal profile?If I had a personal URL already I wouldn't need this place.

Lisa said...

Hey Sorehead:
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Pietr said...

My needs are simple,just something suitable for myself and lots and lots of scanned goodies for my blog.
And I think I've got the second part worked out already.