Friday, June 17, 2005

Right mind, wrong country

Darcey's back in the country, but he's been away for so long he's been spoiled on good ol' animal fat and California wines. Time for Darcey to check in at the National Zeitgeist Office and register for the bread line. And of course, re-acclimatize himself to the CBC.

I had some time last night to watch some Canadian news. […] I came across a performance by David Usher called CBC Newsworld - This Hour. Watching it with my son I found myself growing angry. Very angry.

[…] This is not the Canada I remember… Or maybe it was and being out of the country for so long has enabled me to step outside the Canadian looking glass.

A deeper realization comes as I realize that I will be helping to fund this garbage.
Re-indoctrination camp continues
The CBC turned a farce into their lead story and they were gloating.
Official Report:
Citizen Darcey continues to be uncooperative. Further administrations of CBC recommmended. If rehabilitation proves unsuccessful, subscription to Toronto Star may effect appropriate response.

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darcey said...

Citizen Darcey - that is classic!