Saturday, June 11, 2005

Religion wasn't tolerated in Russia either

Your rights to decide who your patrons are is under attack. Private businesses and organizations could soon face human rights violation charges for refusing to provide services to certain government sanctioned groups.

Liberals will tweak their contentious same-sex marriage bill but can't guarantee ironclad religious protections, admits Justice Minister Irwin Cotler.

Churches won't be forced to perform gay weddings, he says.

But it's beyond his legal reach to protect provincial marriage commissioners or religious organizations who turn away same-sex couples, he conceded Wednesday.

"That's right," Cotler said, when asked if his hands are tied by jurisdictional limits.

Ottawa has the authority to define marriage, but provinces have the power to solemnize weddings.

A range of conflicts has already emerged.

Human rights challenges are underway in cases where religious groups refused to rent halls for gay celebrations.

Marriage commissioners in several provinces, including Manitoba and B.C., have stepped down after receiving provincial orders to perform same-sex unions against their beliefs.

A couple in Prince Edward Island shut down their bed-breakfast rather than rent a room to a gay couple.
This is clearly a bunch of garbage. Why the hell would a gay couple want to use the facilities of business owners and churches that are opposed to their way of life? I've a few gay friends and I'm certainly not one to judge people for their peaceful personal preferences and lifestyle choices, but clearly no harm is being done by refusing a service that can easily be obtained elsewhere?! Not all services are public - yet!

Quite the rush to push this bill through before the crooks go on summer vacation - and this before they have anticipated and worked out the obvious impending legal battles.

Personally, if I were gay, I wouldn't be pushing so hard to be recognized as a taxable unit. For that matter, as a heterosexual female, I don't believe my relationships are the business of the government.

The likely and proven tactic of these legislators is to decieve and distract the complacent masses: grant one 'right' so we don't notice the continual violation and erosion of actual fundamental rights and freedoms.

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Anonymous said...

lemmings own you

Mike said...

"Why the hell would a gay couple want to use the facilities of business owners and churches that are opposed to their way of life?"

Rape -- it's not about sex, it's about power.

basil said...

It's a means of appearing to support the rights of minorities while violating the rights of all.

Kyla said...

Why would black people want to buy a house in a white neighborhood? Or do business with a motel that doesn't like blacks? Or eat in a restaurant that prefers to serve whites only?

There is a legal precedent of Churches not having to marry people they don't want to. Catholics cannot be married in the church if they are divorced, because they are committing to adultery throughout the next marriage. They do not measure up to good Catholic standards, so no church wedding for them. They still are able to marry legally and to marry in a church that will accept them.

There is no reason to think the gay issue would be treated differently.

Each church sets their own standards for which unions they will bless. Many haved blessed gay unions for 25 years or more.

Paul said...

The Charter offers "fundamental ... freedom of conscience and religion" - except that apparently it doesn't actually expect anyone to take them up on it.

Once one starts putting one's own religious beliefs into practise, the courts start to ignore those same fundamental freedoms.

And if some couple decides that some building looks nice, and they can get the courts to force the doors open, they'll go for it.

After all, when people don't realize that marriage is about Family, but instead think it's all about THEM, they start to think it's ALL about them.