Monday, June 27, 2005

Godwin's law: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

Seems the crew over at Rabble are quite upset over a comment written by Conservative candidate for the riding of Edmonton Centre, Laurie Hawn:

Okay everyone, hands up all who think that Canada's national socialist leader, Jack Layton, would put himself at the back of the queue if he (or his wife) needed an MRI. I didn't think so.
Well, as Grandinite reminds us, the rabble seem to be experiencing short term memory loss. Loyal readers of the London Fog might also remember this post from just one month ago. Apparently it is acceptable to imply the Pope is a Nazi, but dare not question the motives and status of Mr. Federal Socialist, Happy Jack Layton.

Rabble rousers commenting on Hawn's post:
Those dumbfuck stupid bastards have absolutely no shame, do they? They'll smear anyone, throw innuendo around anytime, and in general act as the basest examples of humanity just like their big brothers, the Republicans in the USA, if it furthers their goal of destroying Canadian politics and giving the store away to the fat cats.

[..] Well, at least this establishes that we can call them Nazis too.

[..] Harper must force a retraction and apology immediately.

When a youth uses similar terms some can excuse it for the person not knowing about the hateful connotations. And accept a simple apology and chalk it up to the innocence of youth.

When similar language is used during a protest some can chalk it up to the heat of the moment.

But this was thought out. This was printed on a personal website.
Now let's see what rabble ranters had to say a month ago regarding the Heil Mary cartoon:
Thanks for the responses giving me access to the cartoon. I interpret it as being anti-New Pope(for years his nickname has been Joe the Rat) rather than anti-Catholic. I also interpret it as being anti-fascist rather than anti-German. Most importantly, I interpret it as being very funny.

[..] I don't think the cartoon is offensive, except to people who go around looking for something to be offended by. But I don't think it's terribly deep satire either.

It's a fairly simple allusion to the Pope's teenaged Hitler Youth membership, or his more recent extreme conservatism, or both, in the form of a pun that would be at home in Mel Brooks' The Producers. It'd be reading too much into it to suggest that the cartoon actually says anything.
Your daily dose of hypocrisy, brought to you by The London Fog.


darcey said...

Wonderful! The constant self-rightousness gets on my nerves - they never remember themselves - I wonder if the media will get on this

Aaron said...

Does anyone remember THIS story?