Friday, June 10, 2005

Rabble Judy Rebick is expected to attend as well

More on the decision to grant Morgentaler an honorary degree at Western:

The contention that graduates will be burdened by the presence of those who oppose abortion rights is unfair, said Nikki Cooke, who has organized local protests.
Then how come graduates who are receiving their degrees at the same ceremony were only given two tickets with the additional requirement that they inform the university of their choice in guests? Why also were graduates expected to attend the same session issued security identification cards and asked to bring photo identification besides?
Any burden felt is the product of Western's decision to honour Morgentaler, she said.

"We have to stress that we are not the cause of any disruption," she said yesterday.

"Our protest will be . . . peaceful like an unborn child."
No matter what your position on the abortion issue, this person is a crackpot: a dead person is peaceful too.

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Pietr said...

I have to say I've finally met a decent college professor.
He wrote me a truly excellent reference for the Canadian Immigration Authorities,to be used when I finally go ahead.
He even wrote a note wishing me luck.
There are definitely a few good men left in this country.
My problem is that a real or cultural beast is waiting for me every time I raise my head,striking like a smart virus.