Monday, June 6, 2005

Our Lady Of Plausible Deniability

"Let me be clear. The act of sodomy is proper, holy, and profitable only when it occurs between members of our Party and non-consenting taxpayers.

"By repeatedly standing with a Party I know perfectly well to be thoroughly corrupt, I have demonstrated that I support, and indeed am quite aroused by, the fullest, roughest, most completely unprotected penetration of my constituents by myself and my colleagues. But these acts are permissible only within the context of the erosion of accountable government in the course of lining the pockets of my cronies and keeping us all out of prison.

"Subversion of Parliament is a natural consequence of our insatiable lust for that stuff you keep in your back pocket -- but gay marriage is a complete perversion of Liberal tradition. Clear be me let, amen."

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basil said...

Talk dirty to me! . . . and, ah, grease the palm while you're at it.