Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not one dime for UWO

My beloved J. graduated yesterday morning. Biggest Congratulation!!!

Unfortunately, the University vanguard likes to use morning ceremonies to celebrate unpleasant activists who have used their lives to inflict leftist dogmas on the rest of us.

Doris Anderson, a former editor of Chatelaine magazine known for her groundbreaking articles on abortion, divorce laws and wage equity, ended her short address by telling grads and their families she backed Western's decision.

"I want to congratulate this university for having the courage to be the first university to give Dr. Henry Morgentaler an honorary degree," Anderson said to loud applause from the thousands who attended the ceremony at Alumni Hall.
And one man sitting on his hands staring at the communist crone. Thanks to UWO for so tastefully bringing together academic achievement and baby brain blender blades under one roof.

When babies started crying during the long ceremony, I wished I was there by myself, in Kevlar, so I could call out, "Too bad Morgentaler won't be here 'till Thursday, eh, folks?"

Oh, the inconveniences we all have to put up with when the abortionist is out of town.


Pietr said...

I suppose you could always have applauded loudly,too loudly,sarchastically loudly?
You could have gone on applauding like an audience to Stalin.
I wonder if they would have worked it out?

Mitch said...

I liked what a friend of mine used to do - he'd go to these and fly a hammer and sickle flag - just to make sure that everyone knew their true colours.