Monday, June 13, 2005

Need a hand with that?

I went to this site to learn how to use a condom, but I must admit, the image of the comic character sniffing it didn't really help my understanding of the usage - it smelled funny and made my nose greasy. It really was helpful though, I didn't realize you could by condoms in drug stores; I was always under the impression you had to pick them up from sleazy motel rooms and strip club toilets. This site also provides some great foreplay dialogue on the condom chat page:

Excuse: "I am not comfortable using a condom."
Response: I understand but they are really important - for both of us. There are directions on the condom box. Let's try them a few times and it can be part of the fun.

Excuse: "They don't feel good or fit properly."
Response: Let's try a different kind. If you have an allergy to latex, there are condoms made from polyurethane.

One thing I like about this website is that they say "sexually transmitted infection" rather than sexually transmitted disease. That way sex doesn't sound quite as dangerous.


Meaghan Champion said...

"That way sex doesn't sound quite as dangerous."

Sex isn't dangerous.
If you know how to protect yourself while doing it.
However, sex without knowledge about venereal diseases or infections is dangerous.

basil said...

Sex results in disease, death and/or children - the momentary pleasure is nature's means to an end.

Uri said...

So why did you need to learn to use a condom?

basil said...

I hear it's fashionable to wear one. Thought I should keep up.

ZasxLina said...

I thought you might think is funny since you're talking about condoms.

I hope it's not to crude. It is funny and relevant thought.

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