Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nanny Logic

Popular opinion is only valid when it comes to the ballot box - lots of sales at the cash register only makes nanny suspicious and greedy. The herd can be trusted to choose their legislators but they are not to be trusted to spend their money as they please.

Seems our Russian comrades have a hatred of energy drinks such as Red Bull - like Health Canada, the rulers feel the need to implement tougher measures to protect the vassals against the possibility of caffeine addiction and over consumption:

Russian Nationalist Party Prepares Bill Banning Coca-Cola, Pepsi

Deputies of the ultra-nationalist Liberal-Democratic faction of the State Duma have prepared a draft law banning the sale of soft drinks containing caffeine and other stimulating supplements including vitamins, Ekho Moskvy radio reported on Monday. If passed, the bill would outlaw popular drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

The explanatory note to the bill says that despite the fact that caffeine content in Coca-Cola and Pepsi does not exceed the legally allowed norms, the drinks can nevertheless be hazardous as some consumers drink large quantities at a time.

The radio quoted a source in the Russian parliament as saying that the new bill is grotesque. The source suggested that the Liberal Democrats mistook Pepsi and Coca-Cola for energy drinks. Representatives of Coca-Cola also said that it was impossible that such a bill would be signed into a law as there were no grounds for it.
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Some people also drink too much volka, some people watch too much tv, some people eat too much food, some people spend too much time exercising, some people spend too much time talking and some people spend too much time gambling:
Months before an addiction to video lottery terminals led 31-year-old Susan Piercey to commit suicide, she wrote a letter to the machines while at a treatment centre in her hometown of Corner Brook, Nfld.

"I sold my soul to play your game, you never judged me, ever ready to accept my money," she wrote. "I have to let you go. You've hurt me more than anything or anyone in my life."

That was in March 2003. Months later, she took an overdose of pills and was dead in a week.

"To see someone captured by VLT addiction, which we learned started when she was 19 years of age, is just unimaginable," her father Keith told a news conference in Halifax yesterday.

The Piercey family has joined with other families who have lost relatives to VLT addiction to call on Ottawa to launch a national inquest into the social impact of the electronic gambling machines.
Responsible and sane people continue to be punished for the irrational and damaging behaviour of others.

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