Saturday, June 4, 2005

London water torture

The London Fog reads London news so you don't have to. But it's all so incrementally depressing today that, since you're here…

Provincial health care tax dollars at work in London

London's hospitals are going to be called hospitals again after a survey found that city residents never took to the idea of calling them "campuses."

[The confusion] was particularly bad at University campus, which was located on the University of Western Ontario campus.

[…] new signs will be put up, at a cost of $1.2 million to be paid by the province as part of its contribution to hospital restructuring.
London Health Sciences Centre undertook a survey to determine whether people were confused by the term "campus" only ten years after re-branding themselves. If they'd have waited just a little longer, they could have asked the SSHRC teat-sucklers at UWO if they had a bit of spare cash for a three-year multi-disciplinary study, or some such jargony waste of intellectual resources [HT: Atavist]

Joe Fontana promises goodies for London commies
The University of Western Ontario is getting $2.5 million for social science research, part of an $81-million nationwide federal funding package.

Labour Minister Joe Fontana unveiled the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada funding at the Congress 2005 humanities and social sciences conference at Western yesterday.
He didn't need to bother — they're still going to vote NDP anyway.

Oh, yes,
The funding is contingent on the minority Liberal government passing its proposed budget.


Publius said...

For reason I'd prefer to leave obscure I was visiting Hamilton today with a friend. While driving through its decaying streets, it's crumbling public and private infrastructure and past its dazed and somewhat slack jawed population, we remarked on how this must be worst city in Canada to live in.

We also made note of the prominence of federal government buildings through out the city. By our estimate if the Feds were ever to pull up stakes (fat chance) about half of the downtown's office stock would be vacant over night.

I casually asked my friend, whose previous girlfriend was from London, whether Hamilton was worse than London. Without hesitation he replied that Hamilton was far, far worse than London and then went on to offer that London was a beacon of wealth, dignity and freedom compared to Hamilton. He also frequently compared Hamilton to the communist country he and has family had escaped from some twenty years ago.

I thought this little story might lighten the hearts of you Foggers given on your constant battle against the forces of darkness and for the cause of light and goodness. It could be worse. You could be living in Hamilton.

P.S. The Hamilton Fog would be a far less funny title than the London Fog. The city is in fact covered with a thin grey fog that has gradually darken every building in the city, much more so than anything in Toronto.

Lisa said...

London's just a little behind Hamilton. Once the creative cities proposal is implemented, the black cloud with effectively cover the entire city - with the exception of the JLC of course.

MapMaster said...

London is better than Hamilton? That's no excuse. Canada is better than Haiti, too.

But I appreciate your interest in adding yeast to our dough. I actually think of your bizarre interest in municipal misanthropy whenever I post about London.

Fenris Badwulf said...

Perhaps you should be thankful that the Liberals care enough to send all that money to your suffering sign industry. These are the nice people who produce lawn signs at cost for our worthy politcal candidates during elections.

As for Hamilton, that city has enjoyed the golden sunshine of Shelia Copps patronage for some decades now. Obviously, you were driving through that part of town which has been made to look rundown so as to be a background for the booming Canadian Film Industry.

We need more Liberal government so more of our cities can look as beautiful as Hamilton.

You are a big meanie.

Anonymous said...

University schools of "Social Sciences" are filled with Commie profs, but they don't call themselves "communists" any more ..... they prefer to be called "SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTALISTS" .... !

Anonymous said...

they prefer to be called "SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTALISTS" .... !

Damn. I already printed business cards for myself as "Environmental Geographer". Do you think Cité Libre will still publish my term papers?

Trudeau the Second