Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Life's like that

Dhiya, an Iraqi immigrant pal of mine, just called me with some basic questions about taxes in Canada. He's been trying to get a stable, over-the-table job after a hard go of it, and he thinks he may have a line on something now. He asked me what kind of taxes people pay on their earnings. I told him I didn't know how it worked for people around full time minimum wage, but I pay around fifty percent of what I earn.

Fifty percent!?! Yes, fifty percent.

Did he ever laugh, and laugh, and laugh.


gm said...

100% would simplify these matters...

Daniel said...

He should move back to Iraq. I believe they're implementing a flat tax, and at something around ten or 15%. Hell, maybe we all should move to Iraq.

After the war, I figured it wouldn't take more than a decade for Iraq to become more democratic than Canada, but now maybe I should figure on Iraq becoming economically more viable than Canada in an even shorter period of time.