Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Joni Baechler waxes waxy…

…over trivial municipal make-work projects. From the London Free Press (there's obviously not much going on today):

[London's] Celebrate 150 committee unveiled bright yellow street markings yesterday to highlight the city's original boundaries in 1855.

[…] "This gives individuals moving around the city — both visitors and Londoners — a visual of the size of the city in 1855," said Joni Baechler, Ward 2 councillor and committee chairperson.

"It will allow individuals to envision and understand the people and families who created the city we have today," she said after unveiling a road marking at the historic Blackfriars Bridge on Ridout Street.
I can just see them so clearly now — yes! these people seem to have had city boundaries! And apparently driverless horse-powered carriages… I am drowning in empathy for my ancestors.


Publius said...

Maybe it's the late hour, maybe it's the Bailey's, maybe it's the Tony Bennett, but I like the idea. The City of Toronto has sort of the same thing except on street signs. Much more discreet though, almost stylish.

The problem, as I see it, is that you the taxpayers of the City of London must pay for this walk down memory lane. It's a dumb idea because the government is doing it, because you look at the huge - way too large in fact - stenciled demon driverless carriage and then look over at the huge pothole nearby and go: "WTF."

It's the contrast as much as anything. They're spending money on stupid looking signs while the city slowly goes to pot. Or whatever legal or illegal substance you people smoke down there.

Here's my idea. I'd go down there and pitch this but seeing as it's a fait accompli I'll just drink another Baileys. But for the record I think if you split that god awful stencil in two, I'm assuming it's a stencil, and made the bottom half an advert for something, oh, say Baileys, for example, the stencils could pay for themselves.

The profits from the stenciling, which if done right could be enormous, would be applied to job training programs. The job training programs however would be jointly run by, say, DeVry or CDI and a private charity. Those eligible for the program would include addicts, the homeless, fired underwriters from some of the city's various insurance companies and much of your elected leadership.

You see the trick is to show these "people of the street" that they can do something else with their lives. Give them hope, show them all that is possible in the word of nursing or computer programming or small engine repair.

My program would beautify the city, help the unfortunate and once the City Council was gainfully employed allow the productive elements of the London economy, or whatever remains of that put upon group, to be left alone by the local government.

Laternal Thinking Mapmaster. It's what it's all about. That and sweet, sweet Baileys.

TonyGuitar said...

Not much goig on? Well I found it interesting.
Maybe if you moved to Smiths Falls or Merrickville.
Buy a farm down the rideau a mile from Merrickville. The Rideau is a lake there and you'll love it.

Do you think Harper could use a theme or a cause?

Harper is a cautious person and is *Canadian* reserved.

He must loudly state one or two keynote policies or themes that the public can grasp and root for. Otherwise he seems to lack leadership ability.

Health Care policy is too similar to the Liberals so other theme focus is required.

The drive for protecting and conserving public revenues is something everyone can rave about. Especially as it protects our revenues no matter who is running things in Government.

Promising effective Whistle-Blower Protection law is a winner. Once the public learns more about it, the public will demand that government enact the law.

This law is under pressure of enactment in the USA with plenty of stealth and trickery to subvert it. Check at ** You will be surprised at how the wide scope of this law protects everything, not just finances.

Whistle-Blower law is under consideration for the UN and should have been in place years ago.

We have a Whistle-Blower Bill in the pipeline in Ottawa, but progress is slooow. The Libscammers know it will cut off mad money access.

Info and links to our WB bill is at 73s, TG

basil said...

Gee, and I thought it was some politically inspired graffiti artist suggesting there were boundaries to city hall's power at one time.

MapMaster said...

Publius, you have deduced the source of my disgruntlement, which I was feeling too snarky to articulate — that is, that we taxpayers are paying for this. (Or do I mean "induced" — no, I think I mean "deduced." Am I the only one who has to memorize the distinction for exams?) And I have deduced the delicious creamy liqueur secret of your prestigious brain. But I too find the pictograms rather charming and inoffensive — my training as a London Fogger has prejudiced me as a rule to a jaundiced view of anything that happens in this town — our unofficial motto: If you can't say anything nasty, don't say anything at all!

I'll take your Bailey's-inspired pitch and better it with my own Steamwhistle-inspired idea. You come live in London for a while — not long, say only for as long as it takes for London to become a functioning and free city — and run for council along with the rest of the London Fog. With five anti-statists elected (would there be any doubt?) private enterprise and individualistic philosophy would run amok and unchecked in the Forest (who cares?) City, providing a peaceful and prosperous repose in Ontario that would never again return a member of Dalton McGuinty's caucus.