Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I say, that's not cricket!

Now that Donald Macdonald, the Trudeau-era finance minister who brought in wage and price controls, can no longer cripple Canada's economy by central planning, he's settling for planning to spend Torontonians' money — on cricket pitches. From The Toronto Star:

Macdonald is helping the Canadian Cricket Association lobby City Hall for more facilities. The group is seeking 20 additional pitches, one or two indoor training facilities, and a doubling of the number of cricket programs in schools to 120 — all within the next 10 years.

[…] During their meeting at City Hall, Macdonald and the CCA pointed to a recent Statistics Canada report that predicted more than half of Toronto's population will be "visible minorities" by 2017. Many of those newcomers will play the sport, the group said.

[…] Macdonald, who introduced wage and price controls under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in the '70s, believes taxpayer money should be used to expand the city's cricket facilities.

"I think it's important they should feel welcome to play their games with us."
With Donald Macdonald's support, it is apparent that they are feeling quite welcome to play games with us. Macdonald's plan also would advance the objectives of official multiculturalism, another Trudeau scheme, accentuating the exterior and superficial differences between cultures while encouraging assimilation into the carefully cultivated Canadian societal norms of expectations of entitlement.

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Pietr said...

Now,I don't care for cricket,but I have to say that any move toward Anglophilia in Canada can only iprove my chances of becoming landed.