Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hey, it's too crowded in here!

Mike Brock on jumping the queue:

The biggest problem with universal healthcare puritans in this country – which is increasingly becoming a minority with 60% of Canadians saying they would welcome two-tier healthcare – is that they are literally willing to let people die to enforce their philosophical vision, rather than allow people to use their own resources to preserve their own life, in some sick and twisted concept of fairness. Have you heard their ridiculous statements?

“Why should you be able to go to the US and get a hip replacement, while they have to wait?”

This despite the fact, that the person going to the US to get the hip replacement just shortened the queue for those waiting in Canada by stepping out of line. But perhaps this underscores the most sick and cruel aspect of left-wing thinking: If I have to suffer, so do you, because misery loves company.

[..] The left doesn’t really care about the quality of healthcare in Canada, as long as their egalitarian vision is in place; fairness and equality at all costs, even if it leads to suffering, which is a perfect example of the timeless flaw that is socialism.

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Mike said...

It gets worse though. Under medical rationing such as we have in Canada, it becomes a matter of who you know and can later present with a bottle of wine, or how good you are at making a nuisance of yourself by demanding to go up the chain of command at the hospital when they refuse you care.

If you use such tactics to divert care from some less resourceful stranger, then you'll be just fine.

Go Team Canada! Every man for himself.