Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Do the math Londoners!

Believe it or not, Tom Gosnell actually has a good idea! Commenting on the decision made by council to audit Paul Van Meerbergen,

Gosnell suggested the city could seek the audit costs -- estimated as much as $35,000 -- from Corrigan if the complaint is ruled frivolous.
It takes $35,000 to investigate a complaint from a sore loser over $6000, and on spurious grounds at that:
Corrigan alleges in the complaint that a letter sent by then-London West MPP Bob Wood to voters in support of Van Meerbergen should have been claimed as an expense.
There is no redeeming their decision to order an audit, but still, I hereby start a petition to implore council to get their heads out of the cafeteria for once and do something sensible: collect that $35,000 from Ed Corrigan if the claim turns out to be a scam, which it probably is and likely a slimy attempt to smear the name of your competition.

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