Sunday, June 5, 2005

Dingbats and Donut Holes

The Royal Canadian Mint is reviewing how it releases commemorative coins after a controversy over a $2-million ad campaign last fall in which Tim Hortons was chosen to distribute a special poppy coin.

Mint president David Dingwall told a Commons committee last week the doughnut chain was given the project because it was in a position to handle cash transactions easily, being a 24/7 business accessible to all Canadians.
Walmart's pretty accessible too, but I guess they weren't willing to give any kickbacks to the Liberal party. On the whole though, Tim Hortons was a good choice considering the coins resembled donuts once the middle fell out.


basil said...

If I recall, the dye came off the poppy on the coins. Shelia Copps announced her leadership plans at a Tim Horton's. It's "the people's coffee."

Daniel said...

Why don't they get it over with and nationalize the chain?

Mediocre coffee and donuts already, anyway...