Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Did you expect anything else?

The Party of cynics cheat their enemies — and their friends as it turns out, as Pat Martin, NDP Aboriginal Affairs critic, found out. So what do they do to Canadians?

“I’ve gotten a very clear message from first nations leadership and from Liberal cabinet ministers that the money that was intended to be announced May 31 [to compensate former native students of residential schools] has been redirected to form part of the NDP budget. The government intends to pay for its commitments to the NDP with money that they had already committed to first nations,” [Martin] said. “If that’s the case, it’s even sleazier than I had ever imagined.”
I guess commitments to the NDP trump any commitments to Canadians — as if we should have confused that they were one and the same thing anyway.

Good catch by Dust My Broom, via Small Dead Animals

Postscript: Serenity Now asks, in a comment at SDA:
Quebec has finally had enough of the Libranos... Are the natives next?