Friday, June 10, 2005

Colon cleansing

Skippystalin from the Sandwich Shop:

What the law has essentially said is that if the government can't replace your hip, it will shoot you in the back. Here's how it worked; if you try to get private insurance, the government will fine you. If you refuse to pay the fine, you will be sent to jail. If you try to break out of jail, you will be shot in the back. The government of Canada INSISTS on making you healthy.

One important thing to remember about "universal" health care is that it necessarily has to be run by the government, who happen to be the same folks who run your Department of Motor Vehicles. Go down to local DMV and spend three or four hours there, paying particular attention to the attitude and efficiency of the employees. Then ask yourself if you'd like those people in your colon.

[..] As is the case with mail delivery or killing unarmed Somali teenagers, the Canadian government isn't particularly efficient at it. In Ontario, where I live, health care eats up a full 40% of the provincial budget. If my math is correct, that's almost half! Half of every dollar in government spending goes toward health care. Even with 40 cents of every dollar going to health care, it hasn't stopped things like hospital closings or long lines for care.

In fact, doctors are essentially government employees in Ontario and have been since 1987. Not formally, or anything, but it stands to reason if someone dictates what you may or may not do and how much money you can make, they are your boss.

[..] The doctor exodus has been a problem in Canada for 20 years now. Liberals have been advocating something of an "exit tax" to recover the amount that their educations have been subsidized by the state. It has always been best not to point out that they got this idea from the Soviet Union, who used it against Jews who moved to Isreal. Of course, this is merely solving a statist problem with a statist solution and would only discourage people from going to medical school in the first place. No one has suggested such a measure against other professionals who move to greener pastures.
But it's coming. The "brain drain" in Britain effected more than just the medical profession - many top scientists from different professions fled the socialist regime. Go read "Atlas Shrugged."

Hat tip: Mitchieville


Pietr said...

Thanks for remembering our Brain Drain.
Life is nefarious,the life-force finds ways;today the brain drain is wise-ass and youthful,and it doesn't even cross the border.
It is black market,quiet and thriving.
Of course Blair's Bastards are trying to match the life-force with their miserable cunning,breaking and taming just enough people to get their hi-tech expertise into government 'solutions' to 'problems';but even then,the life-force is reflected in the budget overruns and (ahem) technical failures.
We shall overcome.And if we can't,we will emigrate and bring our murderously sophisticated innocence to bear on new countries.

Lisa said...


Thanks for your comments on our foggy blog. There are many parallels between our respective nanny state, but unfortunately, most Canadians fail to learn from the mistakes of your country. I figure if I read the british news today, I won't have to bother reading Canadian news tomorrow.

Sensible people like you are highly sought here, but I fear you wouldn't find our red state much more hospitable. If we could only find a way to ship all the collectivists off to the same continent to redistribute amongst themselves, maybe the rest of us could get on with the business of life.

Lisa said...

by the way soreheaduk - do you have a blog?

Pietr said...

I have the Society Matters club on Mondopolitico.
It varies from hunky dory beer stories to gangsterist armageddon alarmism.
I published a new poem about London,England,tonight.Just head for >discussion>search>last day.
It's the only post today on MP.

Mike said...

Ha! Sorehead, we've hung out!

Good to see you here!

Pietr said...

My priviledge Mike.
Nice to be here and have a reserve line of communication.
For those about to rock......we salute you!