Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Chris Bentley: I'm just full of myself today!

Chris Bentley on Bill 211 which ends mandatory retirement for public employees:

"I was very pleased to be at Home Depot today to assist in making this announcement about the intended introduction of the legislation. Home Depot has respected the rights and abilities of workers who are older than 65. They've recognized that they can make a contribution. It was a feel-good announcement today.

"'s announcement...was about the human right to decide for yourself whether or not you're going to work when you're 65."
When Liberals start talking about human rights, especially the right do decide for yourself, we know there is trouble just around the corner. Freedom Party Leader Paul McKeever:
"Despite the fact that Bill 211 repeals mandatory retirement ages only for some public sector employees and appointees, Minister Bentley today made a public announcement about Bill 211 at a private sector employer, Home Depot. That decision was part of the government's intentional misleading of the public with respect to this bill. A private sector employer was chosen in order to help the government falsely imply that the law currently imposes mandatory retirement at age 65 for private sector employees and to falsely imply that Bill 211 will remove mandatory retirement in the private sector. The fact of the matter is that there is no law that makes private sector retirement mandatory at age 65, and this bill nowhere repeals any such law.

"In the private sphere, the only thing that Bill 211 actually does is introduce a new human rights violation: dismissal on the basis of age for a person aged 65 or over.

"Why is the government introducing this legislation? Why did the PC party introduce the same legislation under Ernie Eves? Why do the PC MPPs support the legislation now? Because it is expected that, by keeping Ontarians working later into their lives, they will not draw on social services as much. Among other things, seniors will be covered by group benefit plans with their private sector employers, and will be less dependent upon financial assistance from the government. And, of course, this is all facilitating the inevitable federal raising of the age for collection of CPP payments.

"What will be the effect on private sector employers? A multitude of additional Human Rights complaints, more business-killing legal bills, less freedom to hire and fire on the basis of business needs instead of political whim. This bill introduces more interference with freedom of contract when, for both moral and economic reasons, there should be less interference.
On the subject of the Employment Minister, has anyone else bothered to read the contents of Bill C45:
Bill C-45, an act to amend the Criminal Code, will come into force March 31, 2004. Bill-C45 amends the criminal code to clearly define who is responsible for the safety of persons in the workplace and to allow for prosecution under charges of “criminal negligence” when those responsibilities are recklessly or willfully disregarded.

The amendment states that:
“ Every one who undertakes, or has the authority, to direct how another person does work or performs a task is under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task. “

This clearly indicates that organizations can and will be held responsible for the actions of all of their employees, and for their lack of action. This includes directors, executive officers, operations managers, plant managers, production managers, and so on. These are the people with authority to make decisions about day-to-day operations.
Apparently this bill does not apply to members of the ruling party.

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basil said...

Home Depot - excellent career choice. Of course you'll be working past 65, 'cause you certainly won't save enough to retire on - it's not like you get an MPP's pension after working there 15 years.

I'm really impressed with the Liberal's support of small business in this country - makes me wanna go out there, work hard, pay taxes and die. Atleast my children will be taken care of after they've been taken away from me - and forced into school until age 18.