Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Border Security

My kind looking mother is not allowed to take her knitting needles on a plane, and cigarette lighters are likely soon to banned on US flights, but this guy

gets across the border although he shows up carrying a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, brass knuckles and a chain saw stained with blood.
At the time he crossed the border he was free on bail. That morning -- April 25 -- he was to have been sentenced for threatening to kill his neighbour's son-in-law. Mr. Fulton and Ms. Decarie had just been slain.

Mr. Despres changed his trousers, which were spattered in blood, behind a shop in St. Stephen, N.B, and then walked up to the U.S. Customs booth on foot, with the bloodied chainsaw strapped to his backpack. He made it to the border crossing at 10 a.m., just hours after the double homicide.

Eddie Young, a 38-year-old fish-plant worker, sat next to Mr. Despres in the customs office at Calais, Maine, while the agents processed them. Mr. Young was on his way to catch a flight to Mexico with friends, but was detained when the officers noticed on his file a 20-year-old drug conviction in Ottawa.

"When he come in, they opened his bag up and they took out," Mr. Young said in an interview. "It looked like large bayonets to me, but they could have been a little bit longer for swords, and then two pairs of brass knuckles fastened to his bag, a chainsaw and what looked like a flak jacket."

Mr. Young said the U.S. customs agents appeared to be joking around.

"I watched the customs guys fling the swords around in the back room," he said. "I mean, wouldn't the evidence be ruined with their fingerprints?"

Mr. Young said Mr. Despres was treated better than he was.

"When I come back in (to the room) they were giving him a coffee," he said. "He got processed faster than I did."
Hat tip: SDA and Dust my Broom.


basil said...

Well, he looks so fucking crazy that he obviously has no need of drugs. For that matter, he was white and not carrying a Koran - therefore, not a terrorist. And he's an American citizen. I feel safer, here in Canada, knowing American customs agents will accept people like him into their country and turn back people who look like pot smokers.

Pietr said...

I'd love a copy of his picture.It would be so ausing to send it to one of my enemies for his birthday.

MapMaster said...

Gregory Allan Despres greeting cards coming soon from the London Fog store. Nothin' says psychopathic lovin' like that picture.