Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bilingual Today, United Tomorrow

or ..... Public awareness campaigns break Canada.

or ..... Adscam continues, because Canadians don't care.

or ..... Get a real job, but you don't have to because you are a Canadian bureaucrat.

or ..... Get lost, I am tired of you all.

or ..... I'll learn whatever languages I am most interested in and will profit me the most.

or how about ..... just piss off federal language rewriter.

More money down the drain for the apparent sake of the province that wants to say bye-bye to Canada:

New French strategy planned

The federal language commissioner thinks Ontarians need an attitudinal adjustment when it comes to the French language.

And one expert says it's time to stop selling bilingualism to anglophones as a faintly guilt-washed patriotic duty and rebrand it as a gateway to the global marketplace.

Thirty-five years after Canada became officially bilingual, the Commissioner of Official Languages is offering a contract worth up to $100,000 for a "social marketing strategy" in Ontario.

The tender, posted on the government's Internet clearing house a week ago and open until the end of the day today, seeks bids "to promote the value and brand image of the French language to a non-French speaking audience."

"The goal of this project," states the tender, "is to produce measurable attitudinal change in how the people of Ontario view the use and learning of the French language."

It's the first time such a contract has been offered, and the aim is to create a marketing plan that could be used across the country, said Robin Cantin, a spokesperson for commissioner Dyan Adam.

Ontario was chosen as the central starting point.

"That's really where we can make the most headway in the learning of both official languages, because individual bilingualism in Ontario is a bit low right now," said Cantin.

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Candace said...

Considering that more bang for your buck would lie in learning Mandarin or Cantonese or Spanish or Russian or ...