Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Arm Pitts and Twits

The sickening generalities and contradictions cited in justification of the foreign aid program fall roughly into two categories which are offered to us simultaneously: the "idealistic" and the "practical," or mush and fear.

The "idealistic" arguments consist of appeals to altruism and swim out of focus in a fog of floating abstractions about our duty to support the "under-developed" nations of the entire globe, who are starving and will perish without our selfless help.

The "practical" arguments consist of appeals to fear and emit a different sort of fog, to the effect that our own selfish interest requires that we go bankrupt buying the favor of the "under-developed" nations, who, otherwise, will become a dangerous threat to us.

Ayn Rand - "The Pull Peddlers" - Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
If Bono hadn't already been awarded The London Fog hypocrite of the decade award, I would have nominated Brad Arm Pitt and Getting Her Jolies Off. But smelly pit and open canyon might still have a chance at a foggy award; although nominations for the hypocrite of the decade are closed at the fog, I proudly announce a new foggy award: Most Proudly Depraved North American. Nominations welcomed.

Debbie Schlussel writing for Frontpagemag.com:
Meet the new, re-packaged Angelina Jolie, Goodwill Ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR). In cover stories in July's Marie Claire and yesterday's USA Today, she's hailed for pretending to care about the world's poor, helpless, impoverished children . But, when she's not making out with Jordan's Queen Noor at anti-Semitic, anti-American hate-fests, Jolie is cheering on Palestinian terrorists in development (who aren't covered by UNHCR, anyway - a topic of an upcoming column). Jolie is enthralled by Palestinian children's desire to terrorize Jews and Israelis.

After a visit to the Al-Ruweished Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, Jolie quoted them approvingly in her journal: "Be patient we will take our revenge [sic] we will take our homes back . . . . (Smiles, fists in the air) Palestine, your name is in our veins." Jolie explains, "Their dream is to see their homeland. . . . It was very moving to hear them speak of the dream." Like the late Yasser Arafat, Ms. Jolie finds Palestinian kids' call for "revenge" with fists in the air "very moving." Is this what she's teaching her adopted son, Maddox? She now sports an Arabic tattoo she got on her Christmas vacation with Maddox to Lebanon and Egypt.

[..] Then there's Jolie's absurd politics here. For those who want to stop illegal immigration, Jolie is not your man - or woman. She pushed for establishment of a National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children and lobbied for the Alien Child Protection Act, a bill that would provide lawyers refugee minors who come to the U.S. But these benefit one type of immigrant children - illegal ones. We don't need to provide "centers" and ACLU-style lawyers for illegal immigrants. We need to deport them. Sympathy, like that of Jolie, for under-age illegal aliens is exactly what their parents are counting on when they take advantage of America and smuggle themselves in. In many cases, these are children of terror suspects, and they grow up with the same anti-American ideologies.

Late last year, Jolie made a check-up on a Homeland Security facilities for asylum seekers in Phoenix. Her UN commission opposes detention of these illegal aliens (perhaps we should just let them escape into thin air). Good ole Angelina was there to monitor conditions and make sure we Americans are acting humanely. No surprise that she told Marie Claire her favorite website belongs to the far-left, anti-American Human Rights Watch.

[..] Then there's Pitt. During his one-hour commercial for soaking the U.S. taxpayer to subsidize Africa, Diane Sawyer showed she's a great softball pitcher. Pitt guilt-tripped America for not giving enough to Africa's poor. He claimed Americans are ignorant about how much we give and that it's so very little. How interesting that his co-star and rumored paramour Jolie parroted the same lines in Marie Claire, especially the part about calling Americans "ignorant" and stingy. But America officially gives about 1% of the budget in foreign aid (and gives far more in programs that are funded through various agencies and departments, plus private donations). That's billions of dollars, and much of it goes to dictatorships that never send the money to their people - often funding terrorism instead.

Pitt claimed that throwing money at these countries will eliminate their hatred for America. But poverty has nothing to do with terrorism or hatred of America. The 9/11 hijackers came from wealthy families, as do many Palestinian homicide bombers. The US gave Afghanistan billions, including over $117,869,525 in the first half of 2001. That hardly stopped Bin Laden and the Taliban from running things. Pitt's and Jolie's (and now President Bush's) espousal of rock star Bono, economist Jeffrey Sachs, and their absurd idea to forgive of Africa's large debt to American taxpayers, is a disaster.
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As such rabble are elite Socialists, obtaining UN lobbying positions for no other reason than that they are 'famous' and hate freedom - who nonetheless got rich through capitalistic exchange - you don't hear rich celebrity elites like the above making an uproar over actual human rights violations like the following:
SHANGHAI, China (AP) - Authorities have ordered all China-based websites and blogs to register or be closed down, in the latest effort by the communist government to police the unruly world of cyberspace.

Commercial publishers and advertisers can face fines of up to one million yuan, or the equivalent of about $120,000 US, for failing to register, according to documents posted on the website of the Ministry of Information Industry.

Private, noncommercial bloggers or websites must register the complete identity of the person responsible for the site, it said. The ministry, which has set a June 30 deadline for compliance, said 74 per cent of all sites had already registered.

"The Internet has profited many people but it also has brought many problems, such as sex, violence and feudal superstitions and other harmful information that has seriously poisoned people's spirits," the MII website said in explaining the new rules.

[..] The press advocacy group Reporters Without Borders protested the new rules, saying they would force people with dissenting opinions to shift websites overseas, where mainland Chinese users might be unable to access them due to government censorship filters.

The Paris-based group said that in May, many bloggers in China received e-mail messages telling them to register to avoid having their blogs declared illegal.

"Those who continue to publish under their real names on sites hosted in China will either have to avoid political subjects or just relay the Communist Party's propaganda," the rights group said. "This decision will enable those in power to control online news and information much more effectively."
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The plot thickens: seems Bill Gates and Microsoft are helping out the Communists in China. If you're filthy rich in America, the surest way to stay that way isn't through hard work but to entrench your position by destroying what's left of the free market and wiring up the jaws of those who still understand the notion of freedom and private property. As long as your buddies are rock stars and UN officials you won't be lining up for rations like the rest of us.
Chinese bloggers who use Microsoft's new Chinese-language Web portal will have to watch what they say.

There are reports that users of the MSN Spaces service face restrictions on certain words, such as "freedom", "democracy" and "human rights."

Agence France-Presse said bloggers who attempted to use those words were said to generate a message saying the language was prohibited.

"This message contains a banned expression, please delete this expression," the pop-up warning reads.

MSN marketing director Adam Sohn confirmed that Microsoft was working with the Chinese government to censor language, but did not give examples.
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I think this article is interesting.Things I didn't know I didn't know about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
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And all the money they make goes to 'good' causes,except for their entourages and multiple addresses.