Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Aid reserved for those sympathetic to the Party

Alberta could use some of that left over money from the tsunami crisis right about now.

But as Kateland notes, Martin and his bandits are strangely quiet, especially considering their usual practice of rushing to the aid of the downtrodden in hopes of scoring a few brownie points with the voters. Along with these votes goes the corresponding illusion that the government is there to protect and ensure the livelihood of the people - that is, as long as you are on their side.


Anonymous said...

Howling Annie McLelland says that "Alberta has to ask---we wouldn't dream of treading on provincial turf".

As an Albertan, I would return anything that bunch of thieves in Ottawa gave the province. F* them all: let's take care of our own.

Lisa said...

Agreed - I only meant to point out the hypocrisy and ass sucking of the Party in power. It's dirty money and no self respecting province should be scrambling for a share of the loot. Besides, Ontario and indeed London and Toronto, will always be there will two hands out looking for what's left over after the federal bandits take their 'fair share'.