Friday, May 13, 2005

You don't get your rations for the week unless you line up for your shot

The province's chief medical officer of health yesterday ruled out forced vaccinations to contain a rubella outbreak in Oxford and surrounding counties.

Dr. Sheela Basrur said yesterday forcing people to be immunized for their own protection as suggested by some is against the law in the province and contrary to long-standing medical practice.

"There is a general principle in Ontario that people have a right to choose or decline medical treatment if they are legally able to consent," said Basrur during a media briefing outside the Oxford County Board of Health office here.
Is it just me, or does Sheela sound disappointed here?

And consider the following:
All but one of the people who've contracted rubella have not been immunized. The one exception was an Oxford man, a student at Westervelt College in London, whose immunization did not protect him.

[. .] The highly contagious disease causes only mild illness in children and adults, although a minority of adults develop joint pain.

Typical symptoms are mild rash, low-grade fever and swollen glands.
That a relatively minor disease such as rubella would give rise to thoughts of forcing people to have government approved mixtures of questionable efficacy shot through their armbands scares the f*** out of me. When the monopoly on public health care and daycare is finally firmly entrenched in this country, there will be no escape from government instrusions of this nature. After all, the already over-burdened system must be protected from reckless citizens to ensure there is more loot left over for the ruling class.


Gordon Pasha said...

I wonder, is their anyone who has yet to figure out why we have a gun registry?

darcey said...

Time to start drinking ....I mean it!