Wednesday, May 25, 2005

...victim eat victim eat victim eat...

June 10 was announced as Gay Pride Day in Yellowknife -- but their overly tolerant mayor has also declared June 9 to be Heterosexual Day.

"We thought every day was heterosexual day," said Don Babey of OutNorth, a group that represents Yellowknife gays and lesbians and that made the initial request for Gay Pride Day."

"Will the city partner Black History Month in February with White Heritage Month later in the year?" Babey asked.
That would be the slightly less racist thing to do, yes. But concentrating on irrelevant racial distinctions between people is still racist, however "inclusive" you are in your bigotry. On the other hand, your neurotic need to bother strangers with unwanted details of your sex life only presents a psychological puzzle for the rest of us to justly mock.
"Will the days and weeks marking physical ailments, such as heart disease and strokes, be paired with an equal number of days that will celebrate good health?"
So, alternative racial and lifestyle choices are akin to suffering from a disease? Good thing Cryin' Babey didn't make that homophobic, racist analogy within earshot of Joyce Burpee, 'cause he'd be up on Human Rights charges in no time.


darcey said...

Not bad - I'm in San Fransisco tonight and I just read an ad in a local paper that says its masturbation month where you can sign up on their website for the masturbate-a-thon. Its right next to a small article titled "bees are people too".

MapMaster said...

Do you have any examples from this planet, Earth?