Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Universal Child Care Comix Round-Up

We found a long-discarded, completely weather-beaten copy of "Universal Child Care Comix Issue 1" in a pile of trash outside of an abandoned family doctor's practice, long forgotten among condom wrappers and empty pill bottles. This extraordinarily rare comic book was apparently self-published around 1980 by a Ruiticus T. Bloch, RR#1 Tilsonburg.

We have only been able to reconstruct a few fragments, and those, only by pushing Mapmaster's fearsome spectrographical skills to their limit. Now that a fourth piece of the puzzle has been found, we are happy to re-present what we have uncovered in hopes of elevating the level of public discourse and making people talk about these issues politely and shit.

We present this historical document without further comment. We'll only say that handing toddlers over to the Party is a cuckoo idea.

Fragment 1
Fragment 2
Fragment 3
Fragment 4


Patrick B said...

Brilliant work. All too true. When will the sheep wake up? Oh, I forgot---we're lobsters in warming water!

Joe Stalin and Ivan Illych Lenin must be weeping with laughter.

W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Un-freekin'-believable!!! Aldous Huxley meets Orwells statism nightmare....and it is actually happening on a less extreme basis.

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act". ( Geo. Orwell)

Timmy the G said...

Redux, that's my line your flogging.

Really guys, there's over the top, and then there's "Welcome to Moonbase Alpha." You guys just left the moonbase far behind.

Anonymous said...

Mike, your introduction has unhumourously and unsarcastically identified you as a right-wing nutjob!!

Mike said...

A what now?!?