Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tao Te Canada

Ch. 1

That is soo ridiculous.

Of course I can argue facts,
but for what purpose?

It is just plainly ridiculous.

Ch. 2

You have to get in touch with your heart/mind/soul,
if you don't do that,
you will forever be demanding others
to propose
what's all been said before.

It truly is time to get in touch.

Ch. 3

I can't legitimize you,
nor can you me.
Not with history or facts
or what's in our face right now.

We simply must get together and try harder
to work out something
that meets all of our needs.

Chapter 4

I cannot
make you happy with my core beliefts,
nor can you
make me happy with yours.

But for gawds sakes, we can
try to work something out that approximates a
that is our

from FreeDominion