Thursday, May 12, 2005

Take Back The Hill, Monday May 16th

FreeDominion is arranging the next step:

Take back the Hill!

The Liberals have decided that they are going to ignore the fact that they have lost the confidence of the House. I guess they need a little boost to get them to do the right let's give it to them!

Monday May 16th at 1:00pm
Parliament Hill
Take Back the Hill!

Bring something blue (or dye your finger blue), and get out there to give them the message that

Word on the Internet has it that a strong solution of blue Kool-Aid and water will stain you appropriately.

From FR:
There comes a time, in many societies, when the people have to stand up to their government and say, “No more!” History is filled with examples of this happening in various countries around the world, most recently in Ukraine. Now it’s our turn.

Paul Martin and his Liberals are holding Canada hostage. In their desperate bid to cling to power, to be able to further conceal and continue with their corruption, they are pushing Canada to a constitutional crisis. This is unacceptable.

Those opposed to the Liberals have proven, repeatedly now, that the parliament no longer has confidence in the Liberal Party, they no longer accept Liberal rule. The House of Commons has become non-functional because the Liberals will not accept the reality of their position.

It’s time for the people of Canada to intervene, to show the Liberals that we want them out of there, that we want to vote.

Come to Parliament Hill on Monday, May 16th. For those who are at liberty to do so, plan on staying there. We need a huge crowd outside the House of Commons on Monday, and if that doesn’t wake up the Liberals, we need to have people willing to stay on the Hill until the Liberals do wake up.
I won't be in Ottawa until next weekend, but hopefully the Liberal Cabinet will be breaking rocks in Nunavut by that late date.