Saturday, May 7, 2005

Svend learns 2+2=5

OK, so it ain't such a big deal to be a gay politian these days. But once you get caught stealing gold rings for your boyfriend, you add gasoline to the moralist fire which smolders with the opinion that you are simply depraved. Once this happens, how do you go about saving you political skin? Why, of course! Why not go public with yet another Orwellian-style confession?

Seventeen years after becoming the first MP in Canadian history to declare that he was gay, and a year after his stunning fall from grace for stealing an expensive ring, Mr. Robinson acknowledged yesterday that he suffers from a mental illness.
A gay man admitting he suffers from mental illness? NDP icon Tommy Douglas wouldn't have agreed more! Listen to "The Greatest Canadian" voice his opinion of how homosexuality should be treated (@ approx. 6 min mark of this clip).

But don't worry about poor old Svend - he's on the mend. He has successfully admitted that he is not responsible for his own actions. Although he is not willing to admit he is possessed by the devil, he is willing to admit that he is possessed by a responsibility absolving, clinically measurable demon, who is now under control.
It saved my life. For the first time, I saw a therapist. And I said to him, 'You have no idea how hard it was for me to walk through that door.'

. . .

Mr. Robinson said he had the same reluctance to take medication. "You can imagine. It was a stressful and turbulent time, and I was resistant to it [medication]."

He eventually agreed, after his psychiatrist pointed out that he would not hesitate to take drugs to fight chemical imbalances in other organs, such as the heart or kidney.

And the medication helped, Mr. Robinson said, although he is no longer taking it. He continues with his therapy, however. "Not with the same intensity as previously, but absolutely."
But the question lingers: was it really mental illness or was it actually hubris?
"I was, after all, Svend Robinson. I was invulnerable."
And if he commits yet another crime, he can claim it's because he's off his meds.

HT: Lisa


Anonymous said...

That Tommy Douglas video clip is priceless. How did you find it?

basil said...

Actually, I must acknowledge Lisa's earlier post which directed me to it.

The Mayor said...

That clip is incredible. I would never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes and heard it with my ginormous ears.

Bob Smith said...

You do realize that at the time he was speaking, homosexuality was classified as a mental illness?

Publius said...

The point about the Tommy Douglas clip isn't that he was expressing the progressive view of the time, it was that his views are practically hidden by the Canadian Media and historians.

Why is it that every idiotic statement made by William Aberhart (and there were a lot) is condemned to death while all the dumb (though perfectly conventional) opinions of Douglas get a whitewash.

Because Aberhart was a "conservative" Albertan. That Aberhart's sucessor as Premier was Ernest Manning - father of you know who - is also brought up. See the link, aha!!!

Aberhart, and there are other examples like Duff Patullo and Maurice Duplessis, that get the rough treatment for their bad ideas but a socialist darling like Douglas gets a pass.

Douglas was also a Baptist minister, a fact usually glossed over when discussing his career. When today leftists speak of the horrible role religion plays in American politics they tend to forget that Douglas' career would have been a no go without his religious backing.

Aberhart's religiousity, he was also a devout Baptist, is played up. I wonder why.

dave said...

Svend Robinson is not in jail, thanks to a lawyer named Clayton Ruby, (which I'll bet cost a bundle of money). Just remember this, when the adscumers are defended in a court of law, by LAWYERS- paid with Our taxmoney.

Free Sask said...

Tommy Douglas was by far the most racist and bigoted politician Canada has ever know.
Right from the beginning, when he wrote his M.A. thesis on eugenics entitled "The Mentally and Morally Subnormal Family", Tommy had a deeply disturb view of his fellow man.
Tommy enlisted his fellow Klansmen ( there were as many as 46,000 in Saskatchewan at the time ) in his first political campaign. Tommy's campaign manager in that race was Daniel C. Grant, a very well known and open Ku Klux Klan member.
Tommy had forced labour camps in the 1950's for all welfare receipants and cut off those who refused to work.
Tommy covered up, or tried to, the biggest finaicial scandal in Canada up until that time. Clarence Fines, Tommy's right hand man, stole MILLIONS from the people of Saskatchewan and ran off to Florida with his secretary. Tommy refused to prosecute despite over whelming evidence. This is one of the many reasons why he was completely obliterated when he tried to run for federal office again in the 60's ( he lost by nearly 10,000 votes ).
The CBC absolutely refuses to acknowledge these facts despite the mountain of evidence to support them. Bias?

Dick said...

Whether employing moral relativity or not, I think we'd be all hard pressed to find many public figure of the time in support. Even the late great Ayn Rand smeared homosexuality as both 'immoral and disgusting'.

P.S. Wild Bill's infamous nature is due to the fact that he ran - ideology aside - what is perhaps the most incompetent and disastrous government in Canadian history.