Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stuck in a broken elevator and falling fast

Liberals may seek own vote if defeated

The federal Liberals would consider ignoring a House of Commons defeat should they lose any of the several coming votes that are matters of confidence between now and the end of the spring session, Chief Government Whip Karen Redman says.

Although no final strategy has been decided, Ms. Redman said the government could respond to a defeat by bringing in a motion on whether the government has the confidence of Parliament to make sure MPs actually want an election.
No need to cut your vacations short to attend Parliament sessions Liberal MP's - you'll only be called when it's necessary to secure the regime.
Unlike the Conservative motion that passed earlier this month calling on the government to resign, Ms. Redman said the Liberals do not dispute that the money votes between now and the end of the session are clear matters of confidence and are taking each one seriously.

The government must bring in money or "supply" motions before the end of the session for the Commons to approve the government's $188-billion operating budget for 2005-2006.

"It's my job to make sure nobody gets stuck in an elevator," said Ms. Redman, who is responsible for staying on top of the whereabouts of all Liberal MPs.
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Update: Trodwell from RightThinkingPeople:
[..] will somebody have to actually get a full-colour videotape of Paul Martin in a hula skirt and Nazi helmet feasting on human flesh and drinking absinthe out of Sir John A. MacDonald’s skull before Canadians are willing to dump these jokers?