Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A shameless opportunist

Belinda Strumpet crosses the floor and becomes a Liberal. Her special reward is a cabinet post - she has been appointed as Minister of Human Resources. This affirms my belief that voting is a scam.

"I have been uncomfortable for some time with the direction the leader of the Conservative Party has been taking," said Stronach, who was considered one of the rising young stars of the Tory caucus.

Seated next to the prime minister at a morning news conference in Ottawa, Stronach said she doesn't see Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper as being "truly sensitive" to the needs and the complexities of Canada.

"Also by forcing an election before the Conservative party has grown and established itself in Quebec, the hold over Quebec of the Bloc Quebecois can only grow into the vacuum. The result will be to stack the deck in favour of separatism, and the possibility of a Conservative government beholden to the separatists."
Update: Catprint comments:
Eastern urban Canada has no apparent trust in the values and morals of westerners. They prefer we simply pay for their social programs and liberty infringing centralized government and shut up.

PM PM and his finance minister bribe cities and provinces. $22 Billion and a Cabinet Post is apparently the cost of rising above the fermenting stench of corruption and corporate politics. Federalists take more and more of our money to further their "Made in Ontario" Canadian Gov't. And we have no choice but to continue paying and paying. Southern Ontario is appeased and that's good enough, the West can go screw.


MapMaster said...

Back to the business of decline as usual. I feel rather sick about this.

Publius said...

I can't say this at my blog:
Fucking Ho Master General, Cheap two timing streewalker. Bitch-Whore-Swine. There's more, but I won't get you guys in trouble with the fuzz.

I never liked Belinda. That anyone who flunks out of first year accounting at York - York!!! - and then some how winds up the head of a large corporation should set off alarm bells.

You can't get much beyond Assistant Vice-President in Charge of Coffee and Cakes at most large corporations without an MBA or some kind of advanced degree, and this twit winds up being the fucking CEO!!!

And people go along with this. Oh, what an accomplished young woman, a CEO in her early thirties!! Wow, she must be smart.

When I think of all the genuinely smart people out there busting their back sides trying to make mid-level manager by their mid-30s and here the princess was handed a company on a silver platter, my blood boils.

Are we really to believe she was just so naturally talented? Come'on. If she was so sharp why didn't she go work for another company and then join Magna? Think first year drop outs get many job offers?

She is a primmadona who's never had to really work to get anything. Daddy has always paid and paved her way. Think of the kind of crap someone like Jean Chretien or Brian Mulroney, leaving aside their politics, had to put up with to get to the top.

The Liberals deserve this bimbo, just like they deserve that pompous prick Justin Trudeau. I hate his old man something fierce, but at last the old tyrant lover had guts and brains. You knew there was a real SOB under the rhetoric. He didn't hide his arrogance.

Nicholas said...

I always thought of her as a lightweight, but I've met a lot of political lightweights who nevertheless managed to perform adequately well in the public sphere. I didn't see this one coming, especially so close to the "real" confidence vote, proving that I'm no political visionary.

To make the best of a bad job, the Tories are certainly better off with her turning her coat now, rather than during an election campaign.

MapMaster said...

Belinda perfectly demonstrates the close relationship between corporate political opportunism and Liberal political opportunism. The Liberals have long been the party of big business corporate-state governance in Canada, despite the prevailing notion that the Conservatives are in bed with the "fat cat" capitalists. I hope that this defection unveils the gross cynicism of Liberal party politicking to even more Canadians. I cling to hope… Well, not really. But the Conservatives are certainly better off without her, and that is one silver lining I can grasp.

Publius, thanks for venting on our site. Appropriate profanity is always welcome at the London Fog. Whew, I'd like to hear what you have to say when you don't restrain yourself!

basil said...

I'm sure it was the lure of wearing red leather to the debates that got her to do it.

Hope Martin enjoys sloppy seconds!

Mike said...

Ho Ho Ho!