Saturday, May 21, 2005

Red Star to the people…

…it's their fault he beats us!

Everytime I go to buy a National Post, I see one or more people buying the Toronto Star. This is what they are paying for:

The time has come to cool the fury in Parliament, to ease the pressure on Martin to resort to seedy vote buying, and to let him deliver on his many promises, including ethical promises.
It's the Conservatives' fault that the Liberals are corrupt!
And while Martin's manoeuvring to retain power wasn't a pretty sight, it was Harper who triggered the unsavoury bidding war. He pushed for a non-confidence vote the moment his party edged up in the polls. And he rejected Martin's offer to buy peace in Parliament by promising an election once Gomery reports.
Cleanse your mind — don't buy Party organs.

HT: Andrew Coyne — this guy should get the Order of Canada.

Update: Tim Murphy, Paul Martin's chief of facilitating seedy vote buying, apparently wants to sue Andrew Coyne and the National Post for printing transcripts of the taped conversation in which he was attempting to bribe Conservative MP Gurmalt Grewal, according to Mike Duffy as reported by Raging Ranter: "My criminal behaviour is my own personal, private business."

Update 2: Yes, I know, ""the National Post is a BLUE-LIBERAL *rag*." But I need my non-Asper editorial fix, you know? But for the last word, the Last Amazon sends editorial boards to the corner without any supper here


gm said...

Mr Asper is not a "Liberal" or Conservative.

Izzy Asper is an old-fashioned Ayn Rand libertarian who wants the state out of the boardrooms and bedrooms of the nation, and out of the dens of the nation where the TV sets usually are. Because the Alliance as it exists today is overwhelmingly interventionist on social matters like abortion, like divorce, there is really no proper legitimate place in it for Asper unless that place is total control of the Alliance by Izzy Asper, a control freak of monumental proportions.

TonyGuitar said...

Don't you just love it when we bother to challenge your opinion?

If the National Post is what you say it is, then they made a serious error April 28 running "An Adscam Lesson Ignored" story on page A16

This is one key to put a stop to the sloppy safeguards for our National wealth.

Once Whistle Blower law with real teeth is enacted, there will be far less chance of brown bagging out of back doors of the treasury.

The second effective stopper on the petty cash millions drawer is individual Ministry department accounting and audit.

Martin promised to have that installed during his Grovel Speech on CBCTV. Did you notice?

He is an expert on pilfering and knows what is effective for putting a stop to it.

Promises he will never keep unless we hound him about it.

After all, he would be closing of his source of mad money.

Do think we apathetic Canadians would bother to write any volume of demand letters to get these promises installed?

I hope we are not content to sit on the couch watching the Simpsons while the Martinites continue to siphon.

73s TonyGuitar at

MapMaster said...

It's hard to reconcile the idea that Izzy Asper is an Ayn Rand libertarian with his support of the Liberal Party and his lavish support for the Museum of Human Rights — which will not be a shrine to objectivist ideas of rights but more to the Trudeaupian idea of collective rights enshrined in the Charter, the kind that negate what Rand would have considered the only proper rights. Perhaps Izzy is more of an Alan Greenspan kind of libertarian. I won't dispute his service to the country trashing the CBC, however. But his son David fits the bill of Blue Liberal in all of his editorials — his talking points all lead to emasculating the CPC into a Red Tory/Liberal Light kind of party — good for gaining power but nothing else.

Tony — maybe we'll all be a little tiny bit safer if the Liberals are in a majority (sacriligeous!). I honestly wonder if Martin would institute some eensy bits of reform to make government more accountable and honest if his personal power were not threatened — he certainly won't do anything honest while the Liberals are in trouble. But while the CPC is incapable of forming a majority, the better instincts of Paul Marting — are there such things after all? — could possibly serve to prevent things from getting any worse.

Did I just write that? Don't vote, but at least don't vote Liberal!