Monday, May 23, 2005

The Red Ensign Standard no. XXII

Update: The Monarchist has dropped the title Standard from the posts; however, the links and stories remain.

Original: The Monarchist has the singular opportunity to present the Red Ensign Standard shortly after two of the most trying weeks for those defenders of freedom who follow Canadian politics. Departing from the usual catalogue format, the Monarchist and Walsingham, in a two-part Standard, eloquently encapsulate the thoughts of many of those who saw their desires — for a country founded on liberty, rationality, and the noblest sentiments of Canadians — evaded, squandered or stolen.

And in that moment, I reached my tipping point. I realized that a people unprepared to devote a single hour – without sweat, cost or blood – to the enforcement of democracy, to the assurance that they might be governed by decent and responsible people of their actual choice; that a people too selfish and shameless to care whether their countrymen felt respected and represented under the common roof; that a people too brain-dead to understand how deeply their traditions of democracy have been compromised, and how dangerous a precedent has just been set - were not worthy of my allegiance.
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After "surely the two most disgraceful weeks in the history of the Canadian Parliament," many of the Canadians represented in the Red Ensign Brigade and in the sidebar to the right, as well as hundreds of commenters on those blogs, have expressed a radical dissaffection for the way things are and the way things are becoming. Some of the commentary has been… well… intemperate, in the eyes of some. But what appears to be the growing polarization of debate in Canada should be welcomed, as American an idea as that sounds. To borrow an idea from Jay, in a slightly charitable concession to the enfeebled and often enfeebling CPC, such polarization serves to clarify the ideological miasma in this country — it separates "those who talk about freedom and mean it" from those who are not concerned with even their own liberty and certainly not with yours. When individual freedoms must be accommodated to the chimeras of temperance, compromise and the public good as demanded but left undefined for future need by a political elite who control the levers of force, we are surrendering to an unsatiable appetite for the theft and hoarding of our natural wealth of reason and common bonds with our fellow men — and our lives and our property.

Speaking of polarization, Ian represents the uncompromising, sometimes intemperate, and best of Canadians defending their freedom. There is no equivocation here. The Canadian Thomas Paine?