Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Raw nerves

Was that Pierre "Pocketful of Deloitte & Touche" Pettigrew throwing a tantrum during Question Period in response to Stockwell Day's repeated questions about apparent Party opportuni$m to $tarve Iraqi$ and $upport $addam Hu$$ein with the Liberal-style Oil For Food racket? The transcript at Angry omits quite a few exclamation marks and caps lock.

All figure$ in Canadian dollars.

Maybe I tuned in just late, and "Maurice Strong" was the secret word of the day.

Outburst Update: Wolfman Volpe, the thinking man's Minister of Immigration, exposes the New Conservative Klan, 40 minutes in. (HT: WS)

Note the repeated racist references to whiteness. I'd say taking white skin as evidence of racism is the same as taking black skin as evidence of a criminal mind.

There should be a new -ism coined, a mark of character understood to be as wicked and lame as racism, for when people self-servingly accuse others of being racist. Tell me how diluting the important concept of racism with Liberal crocodile tears is any better.

On the other hand, maybe let's just leave it. Give it a name, and within a generation there will be programs to fight it, and everything will just get even more confusing...