Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Queen is here and no one cares

On a cold, windy day, the Queen and Prince Philip touched down at the airport in Regina this afternoon to begin her 21st official visit to Canada.

About 50 well-wishers were on hand to greet the royal couple.
Correction: No one cares, except the Monarchist and Paul Martin.


the monarchist said...

The Monarchist cares. By the way, Mapmaster, I wasn't talking about Scott Reid, the PM's spokesman, I was referring to the Conservative MP from Ontario.

MapMaster said...

I know you care, Monarchist, and bless you for it. I rather like the monarchy myself, but I'm not claiming to speak for any of the other London Fog members when I say that. Lisa's point, I think, was just that it seems remarkable that only 50 people showed up.

And thanks for clearing up the Scott Reid confusion.

jomama said...

That's good news.

Maybe if we ignore 'em they'll
all stay home...monarchs, pols, and all.

What a glorious day that'll be.

Anonymous said...

...and why should we care?

basil said...

I saw her entourage drive down Quebec St. back in '97 - purely coincidence, as I was working two doors down on Lorne Ave and was wondering why so many people were lining up along the street. I could see her in the window of her car and she waved at us, without really seeing us, with that automatic gesture she is so famous for. Not very exciting. If I remember correctly, the topless woman in Victoria park during her visit caused more of a stir than the queen did (toplessness had just been legalized then).
I would much rather have a topless woman on my $20 bill than a queen - perhaps Belinda Stumpet?

the monarchist said...

My God, you mentioned me in the same breath as Paul Martin.

MapMaster said...

No offense intended! The Paul Martin link goes to a satiric piece about the Queen defecting to the Liberal Party.

This Fogger has nothing but respect for the Monarchist, one of the most rational bloggers in Canada. Unfortunately, you are among a dying breed as there is a correlation between irrationality and republicanism, I think.

Lisa said...

No offense intended indeed! My gosh - I never meant to suggest that the Monarchist has anything in common with that rat Martin. Rather, I liked your posts about the queen Mr. Monarchist, although I agree with Jomama's comment from above.