Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Put the Liberals out of our misery

Not one, but two open letters from Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever to the Governor General re "May 10".

With respect your Excellency, the government's position is simply untenable. Rules concerning what motions qualify as motions of no confidence are designed to prevent an erroneous inference no confidence when the government actually has the confidence of a majority of MPs. Today's motion does not fall into that category: the government does not have the confidence of a majority of MPs. Indeed, one could not even reasonably infer, from the result of the vote on that motion, that the government has the confidence of a majority of MPs. Clearly, the 153 members who voted in favour of today's motion intended that their vote be interpreted as an expression of no confidence. Mr. Gilles Duceppe went so far as to put it explicitly on the record that every vote cast by members of the Bloc Quebecois was in fact an expression of no confidence. Whatever conclusions of law might be drawn about whether or not today's motion was technically a motion of no confidence, there can be no doubt that the history books will unequivocally conclude that - as a matter of fact - the 153 Members who voted in favour of today's motion intended their votes to be an unequivocal expression no confidence, and a communication of same to the Crown.


MapMaster said...

The most sensible words I have heard on the subject. Thanks for pointing those letters out.

Little Tobacco said...

I note that some of the Liberal's are now using the phrase "legal authority to govern" to counter the "moral authority to govern" phrase.

With that said, the arguement I like best is that you could not vote for the motion in question unless you were calling on the government to resign. There was no room to hedge.